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Factors that Cause Depression and Anxiety

You may find yourself feeling anxious from time to time due to life challenges, and it is common. Dealing with this anxiety is the determining factor of whether you are going to let it consume you, or you will overcome it. There are those who get depressed from feeling anxious and may require assistance. With anxiety disorder, you are worried about everyday life issues. Separation anxiety disorder and social anxiety are examples of anxiety disorders. Seeking treatment for depression and anxiety early is the best way to deal with it.Below are some factors that may cause you to develop anxiety or depression.

First and foremost is drug and substance abuse. Drug, and substance abuse is a massive contributor to anxiety and depression. The reason why drug and substance abuse may lead to depression is that it interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. Body communication is disrupted because the use of drugs affects neurotransmitters in the brain. The result of the body miscommunication is that it becomes difficult for the body to function properly, both physically and psychologically. When this happens, anxiety kicks in and this may lead to depression.

Stress is another cause of anxiety and depression. A lot of factors can cause a person to be stressed which may include, poor eating and sleeping habits or overworking themselves. The thing about stress is that it can cause you to get anxious or depressed if it prolongs for a long duration. Anxiety comes by because the brain is not functioning well due to stress; this creates an imbalance in the body functioning.When a person is traumatized or grieving for an extended period, they are stressed and may end up being depressed.

Another cause of anxiety and depression is a person’s health conditions. Health conditions like untreatable diseases and age-related illnesses can cause anxiety and depression. These health conditions make a person feel helpless, and some are even painful.It is also possible to get anxiety and depression if your parents or someone in your heritage suffers from it.

Also, poor self-esteem can also cause a person to feel anxious or depressed.People with low self-esteem are so concerned about matters like appearance, money or status and this makes them overthink. People with poor self-image are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors to escape their reality such as poor dieting of smoking and they are stressed a lot. The result of the obsessive thinking is development of anxiety disorders or depression.

Finally, separation or rejection can cause anxiety or depression. The loneliness or rejection of an individual makes them feel sad and may cause them to develop anxiety and depression. To sum it all up, watching some of the cause mentioned above will make someone avoid being depressed and in case it happens, they should seek assistance.

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